Artist Profile

Mike is a Visual Artist based in Singapore. He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts in 2013.

Mike often straddles between his full time job and establishing his career as an artist. He explores his ideas through painting, drawing, photography and embrace small forms of appreciation he receives from the world. 

Artist Statement

"I am the many faces of the people I draw"

Mike is currently exploring the notion of identity, particularly in issues of searching displacement of the self. Identity is a constant revolving concern in his works. He questions the multiple identities that he collects – unraveling and seeking understanding about his own.

Mike’s interest in art making lies mainly in portraiture. He often portray identity in the form of a diary. Attempting to locate his identity by placing himself at a standpoint of the ‘in-between’ of life choices. By transforming the ‘in-between’ as a metaphor of nothingness into something tangible, he makes the invisible visible to understand the notion of his true identity.



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